Best of 2010: The People We Love

What would the world of pop culture be without the ranking of our favourite famous people? And in a year where diversity reigned supreme, it’s safe to say we’ve come a long way from the days of blonde socialites and adulterous golfers. (Well  … we haven’t “ but they’re not coming anywhere near this list.) So in celebration of the past 52 weeks, here’s who we thought came out on top.

5) Tina Fey
The thinking person’s hero. Thanks to Liz Lemon, those of us boasting several two-piece pajama sets and mild fearless obsessions with food have a voice. (And see world? We can date babes, too.)

4) Emma Watson
Only in the twisted world of pop culture (it’s great, isn’t it?) would getting a pixie cut cause so much controversy. Harry Potter is and will always be cool “ so thanks for that, Hermione Granger.

3) Emma Stone
Behold: intellect lives (and walks and talks and makes us laugh). Finally, teens of the world have been given a mainstream heroine they can look up to.

2) Carey Mulligan
We already loved her post-An Education, but between saving Wall Street 2 and aiding in sorrow throughout Never Let Me Go, Carey Mulligan rose above relationship rumours and fashion lists to be the next Meryl Streep. (You heard it here first, all.)

1) Betty White
At age 88, Betty White has done more for 2010 than the president himself, and no teen up-and-comer, Academy Award winner or actor-turned-model can do anything to change that. Take note, ladies “ you only get fiercer with age.

5) Andrew Garfield
From relative obscurity to Spiderman 2.0 “ the past year saw the talented Mr. Garfield rise from theatre man to the thinking girl’s heartthrob. (You know, like a regular babe, but with talent and promise of longevity.)

4) Aaron Johnson
For the duration of this sentence, ignore the fact that he’s currently engaged to Nowhere Boy director/baby mama Sam Taylor-Wood (24 years his senior), and focus on the fact that between Kickass and his turn as the young John Lennon, Aaron Johnson may very well rule all.

3) Jon Hamm
Yes, we’re well aware that Mad Men‘s been popular since its debut in 2007, but between 30 Rock, SNL and The Town (not to mention this year’s Emmy opening), Jon Hamm has succeeded in conquering another year (and several thousand hearts).

2) Michael Pitt
Two words: Boardwalk Empire. Two more words: That’s all.

1) Conan O’Brien
He had a show, and then he didn’t. But then he took over the world. For the millionth time, we’ve been taught that comedy rules all “ and by comedy, we mean Coco.

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