4 Reasons Tai Frasier is the True Style Star of Clueless

You know what’s, like, way harsh? Cher and Dionne get so much cred for their style in Clueless and Tai gets, like, none. As if! Here is why we think the new girl from New Jersey, Tai Frasier, is the underrated Clueless style icon.

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She can pull off plaid better than anyone


That yellow plaid skirt and jacket that Cher wears has become famous but, if we’re being honest, we think it’s a bit much. We love the way Tai trades her faded flannel shirt for a front-buttoned plaid skirt, a pair of charcoal, cable-knit leggings and a dark green cardigan. This look is kind of preppy, kind of grungy and pretty perfect for fall. Doesn’t it almost make you wish you were going back to high school?

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