Rewards for Eating? Yes, Please!

Bahar Niramwalla is a Toronto beauty writer, Makeup Artist and the Globe & Mail’s beauty expert.

Confession time: I'm not one for organized exercise, hard-core spinning classes or hanging out at the gym. With that being said, I do try my best to make time to partake in my own at-home yoga sessions. I lay out my green mat for some “me time”, but even that is hard to do between trying to make time for meetings, deadlines, laundry, events and, lastly, eating!

Eating is my reward. When I'm done writing an article, have finished a meeting, or completed all my online banking, it's meal time. Given my days (and often long nights) this is a no-brainer for me. Not having to deal with prep, cook and clean up, when I do find the time to eat, is a plus! Thus, Lean Cuisine meals find themselves in and out of my freezer quite often.

Lean Cuisine - Chicken in Wine Sauce

This month, I was introduced to the Lean Cuisine Rewards program. This is how it all goes down: buy a meal and inside the box, find a PIN. Enter PINs online to accumulate Reward points and redeem the points for anything from appliances, travel gear or fitness equipment (like my green mat!) as well as gift cards and free groceries. Long story short, get free stuff for eating quick, tasty, portion controlled meals. Sign me up! There's over 20 meal options to choose from (meat, fish and veggie included) but my fave meal so far, hands down, is the Chicken in Wine Sauce. Mushrooms, peppers, potatoes, all low calorie, low fat and high in protein. Total score. P.S. Signing up gets you 100 points!

How do you reward yourself at the end of a long day?

Lean Cuisine Rewards has given 29Secrets one bonus PIN code to share with our readers. The bonus PIN may be redeemed for one free Lean Cuisine entree, or the points can be saved to redeem later for a larger reward. You will need to register online with the Lean Cuisine Rewards Program in order to claim your points. We will choose the lucky reader at random who has entered their information, by visiting our LEAN CUISINE PIN CODE GIVEAWAY page.

This post was generously sponsored by Lean Cuisine Rewards, but the opinions and images are my own. For more information, visit

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  1. Avatar
    • Jen
    • May 22, 2014
    Smart idea from Lean Cuisine. I wouldn’t mind the gift cards for groceries!

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