Lose Weight and Eat Better with the Low-Glycemic Index Diet

We all do it: we overeat. Maybe you’re not hungry but your favourite TV show is on so you grab some celery sticks and fatty dressing and dip away to your heart’s content. Well, your heart isn’t the only one involved here: you’ve got to listen to your stomach too.

When our blood sugar and insulin levels are high, we get cravings. That’s why your quick sugar fix of low-cal snack chips is not going to solve the problem; it’s just going to lead to more eating. The low-glycemic-index diet is intended to help you eat lower-calorie foods with more fibre so that you get full sooner, are healthier and lose weight by avoiding overeating. It’s also been shown to help prevent obesity and type 2 diabetes. Take a look at which foods you should eat by following the low-glycemic-index diet.

Eat your vegetables. Whip up your favourite veggies with olive oil or the vinaigrette dressing of your choice for a tasty fibre-rich snack that should fill you up. Bonus: sprinkle some protein-rich beans on top to feel full longer.

Gain whole grains. This goes for bread, pasta and rice. Opt for brown, basmati or converted rice over white. Whole grains, like protein-rich quinoa, fill you up and have more nutrients. Bake with whole grain flour, wheat bran or oat bran instead of all-purpose flour.

Choose unrefined breakfast cereals. Opt for oat, barley and bran mixes or sprinkle some over your favourite cereal.

Opt for low-fat dairy products. Combine Greek yogurt with berries or cheese with fruits for a truly delicious snack!

Go nuts. Nuts are rich in good fats and function as part of the low-glycemic index diet.

One potato, no potato. Eat fewer potatoes or choose sweet potatoes instead.

PROtein. Eat more lentils, tofu and lean proteins.

Try to build each meal around at least one low-glycemic-index food. Let the healthy eating begin!

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