Healthier Choices for Super Bowl Menus

Traditional Super Bowl party menus include pizza, chips, wings, dips, and beer. Spicy, tasty fun foods are always on the menu, and they are usually foods that can be served on coffee tables and end tables while everyone enjoys the game. Watching TV, whether it is a football game or a soap opera, is one of the top activities that can lead to mindless (over)eating, so this year why not try preparing a more low fat menu for your Super Bowl party? For tips on creating a low fat Super Bowl menu, see below.

Chili. This Super Bowl menu classic is also one of the easiest to make low fat. Choose the leanest beef you can find, or even try substituting ground turkey (or blend the two).  Also, use less meat and more beans to lighten up this dish. Purchase cheese made from 1% milk for sprinkling on top, as well as low-fat sour cream. Also experiment with spices, as spicier dishes will help low fat dishes taste better.

Chips. Purchase baked tortilla chips and other baked items to serve with your dips. The same goes for crackers  – plenty of Super Bowl favorites come in low fat choices. Then serve them up with plenty of spicy salsa (which is practically no calorie) as well as your low fat sour cream dip. This is one way to lighten up your menu while still providing plenty of flavor and crunch.

More munchies. Create your own low fat mix with Chex cereal, nuts, dried fruits and other healthy ingredients. And don’t forget a platter of crudité©s with more of your low fat sour cream dip and salsa. Shrimp cocktail makes another terrific low fat finger food for your Super Bowl menu, if you are looking for something a little fancier to serve.

Pizza. To lighten up pizza choices, order a thin crust pizza with lots of vegetables and a minimum of meat (choose just one meat topping, rather than pepperoni, sausage and hamburger, etc.) You can also ask them to make your pizza light on the cheese, which will make it more low fat without robbing this Super Bowl favorite of flavor.

Desserts. If desserts are part of your Super Bowl menu, create a fruit platter with some low fat sweet dips on the side (reduced fat Cool Whip is a good choice.) Make strawberries dipped in chocolate, and whip up some low fat brownies, too. There’s no reason your Super Bowl menu can’t include some low fat treats.

Of course, even after taking advantage of all these low fat ways to lighten up your Super Bowl menu, you should still have a few of your guests’ favourites on hand, whether it’s buffalo wings with blue cheese dressing or your famous homemade chocolate chip cookies. After all, this is a Super Bowl party, not a Weight Watchers meeting. But most people will appreciate having some low fat choices as they sit back and enjoy the game.

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