Is This The Right Job For You?

Some of us get lucky and fall into or chase a job that aligns with our passions in life. And some of us struggle, viewing work as a way to land a pay cheque that in turn allows you to live the life you want. But most of us fall somewhere in the middle. Are you generally content with work but curious how to know a job or profession is right for you in the long term? Most of us deal with the highs and lows of any job “ you like this but dislike that “ so it’s natural to wonder whether or not you have made the right choice for you. Here’s how to tell:

You wake up positive:
Ever have the feeling of waking up, dreading work? Not the usual Monday blues, but really dreading work? Could be the work itself or colleagues but something makes you feel negative each day? If you are in the right line of work, more mornings then not, you will wake up feeling positive about your day and anxiety free. Sure, you may not look at all the things on your to-do list as being grippingly exciting but you will be able to easily put it in perspective.

You aren’t mired in office politics:
Experts say, the greatest determinate of happiness on the job is office culture. If you work in an office space laden with school yard gossip or are watching to not step on toes, you probably aren’t having much fun. And a bit of fun, we all need on the job. Getting bogged down in office politics, so much so that it takes precedent over the work is a clear signal that maybe the role isn’t a good fit. If you aren’t up to your ears in office politics, you are likely doing well.

You still have energy at the end of the day:
When 5 o’clock hits, are you still up for a fun night or do you feel deflated and can’t wait to get home and melt into your couch. You know you are in the right job when you leave feeling energized and like you can leave the work at work.

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