A Natural Way to a Whiter Smile

It’s been cold, so it’s likely that you have either been curled up on the couch beside a pot of hot tea while watching The Bachelor, or with a book in bed and a half litre of red wine. Whatever your poison both have something in common “ copious consumption causes discolouration to your teeth. The fix, not so cheap. Bummer. The price of a whiter smile can cost any where from $40 for drugstore kits to a couple hundred for a professional treatment. If you’re looking for a more frugal way to get back to your pearly whites here are a few home remedies that have proven effective over the years:

Who knew that when life hands you lemons you can whiten your teeth? Lemon juice has been used for years by either brushing it on or rubbing the lemon peels directly onto the teeth. However, despite the history of using lemons it’s not a recommended practice by Dentists because the high levels of citric acid can weaken the enamel and can increase the rate of deterioration. So, you can do it, but don’t make it an everyday ritual.    

Red = white, weird right? Definitely not the most obvious solution, but the malic acid in strawberries works as a stain remover. Crushing them up into a pulp and applying with a toothbrush has proven most effective. Again, like lemons it is not recommended that you do this too frequently.

Baking Soda:
A little more predictable than the first two considering it is commonly an active agent in toothpastes, baking soda mixed with a bit of salt is an easy and extremely cheap way to whiten up your teeth. Another plus, it will also help to kill bacteria which causes plaque and reduce acids which like the lemons and strawberries can be harmful to the tooth enamel. The downside, it doesn’t taste as good as lemons and strawberries.

Apple Cider Vinegar:
Mixed with a bit of the baking soda you just bought you can create an apple cider vinegar paste or dilute it with water to create a mouthwash. When made right, your at-home formula is strong enough to remove tartar build up and effective in preventing tooth decay.

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