5 Ways to Cope with the Person Ruining Your Waistline

There is nothing worse than finally reaching the point where you are totally mentally and physical prepared to get back on track with a healthy lifestyle and then it just seems like everyone around you is out to get you. Well trust us friend, they aren’t. People just aren’t huge fans of change but here are a few simple ways to deal with those who have the ability to totally derail all your dieting hard work.

The I Can Eat Anything Friend

Just because you have a weekly standing date with your girlfriend who can literally eat anything she wants and doesn’t gain a pound (and, of course, totes hates anything even remotely healthy) doesn’t mean you have to start bailing on your friend. Do you research and find places in your city that serve both healthy options for you and more appealing options for her. Just like you shouldn’t have to suffer for her unhealthy choices, she shouldn’t have to be subjected to yours. Friendship is compromise too.

The Mothers

Whether it’s your mother or his mother or even just a friend’s mother, there is something in the genetics of moms that often makes them feel like they have to show us their love through feeding us. It often doesn’t matter what you tell them “ that you just ate, that you aren’t hungry, or that you’re watching your weight “ they will still try to feed you. Be prepared for resistance before you even turn up where a mother might be and then be polite, ask for a small serving and only eat a little. She’ll feel better knowing that she got something in over nothing.

The Comfortable Boyfriend

Just because he thinks your spare tire is more to love doesn’t mean it is healthy for you to carry around. We definitely know how easy the comfort trap can be in a relationship and we know how difficult it can be to not slip into old habits like going out for delicious dinners, chugging down a whole bottle of wine, or consuming an entire Costco-size bag of chips in front of the tv. The best way to avoid this though, is to convince your significant other to get on board. Start spending your evenings cooking healthy meals together that still taste awesome and keeping your cheat nights out to once a month to make them even more special and something to look forward to together.

The Generous, Donut-Loving Coworker

You know the one, the guy who turns up every Friday morning with a box full delicious baked good that literally taunt and tease your from all the way on the other side of the room. It basically makes you want to crawl under your desk and cry. But there is no need. Be proactive on the mornings that you know generous dude is going to bring in a load of goodies and make sure you are loaded up with healthy snacks to keep you away from the sweet stuff and only taking in the good stuff. He pulled a sneak attack and brought donuts on a Monday? No fear, you’ve got back-up healthy snacks in your desk drawer right? Well, now you know you should.

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