CoolSculpting: How to Freeze Away Your Unwanted Fat (Part 2)

Ten weeks ago I tried CoolSculpting for the first time and you heard all about the non-surgical fat reduction treatment that cools and freezes your unwanted fat with long-lasting results. The team at SpaMedica, a Toronto cosmetic plastic surgery centre that offers the treatment, were fabulous throughout the process and made me feel comfortable despite the fact that CoolSculpting is anything but comfortable. So, you must be wondering… did it work?

I am happy to say that my “problem area” below my belly button that seemed to always stick around no matter how fit or thin I was… is gone! Not since the ripe age of 22 has that little bulge ever budged, but it did and I have CoolSculpting to thank for it. So, yes, it may have been an uncomfortable treatment and the tingling and numb feeling that followed the weeks after wasn’t my favourite, but it does work.

I notice it the most when pulling on my skinny jeans, they button up a lot easier and when I am sitting I don’t feel like my stomach is pressing against my waistband. Tight body-con dresses also look better as I don’t have that “is she or isn’t she pregnant?” bump happening.

For those who have a problem area that dieting or working out won’t fix, either from having children or you are just like me, CoolSculpting is definitely something worth trying!

For more information on CoolSculpting and SpaMedica, click HERE.

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