CoolSculpting: How to Freeze Away Your Unwanted Fat (Part 1)

CoolSculpting is a non-surgical fat reduction treatment that essentially cools and freezes your unwanted fat with long-lasting results. It sounds like a dream come true¦ but, is it? I had to try it for myself to believe it.

SpaMedica is a Toronto cosmetic plastic surgery centre that offers this fat-zapping treatment. Their wonderful staff walked me through who would make the perfect candidate for CoolSculpting.

Many of us have those problem areas that seem to stick around despite how many crunches we do and diets we go on. For me it was the area below my belly button. Even at my most fit there was always a bit of a bulge. While I’m sure my friends and family don’t notice it (or care for that matter), I see it and find it makes me feel insecure and uncomfortable when I’m in tight clothing. CoolSculpting was essentially created to target those areas. It isn’t a one-stop, fix-all solution for weight loss, but more of a targeted solution for those deposits of fat we just can’t get rid of. Being the beauty risk taker I am, I jumped at the chance to try CoolSculpting out and finally abolish the bulge. I booked my appointment!

The team at SpaMedica walked me through what to expect during my consultation. The CoolSculpting applicator looks like a little vacuum cleaner and for about an hour the applicator suctions in your soft tissue and freezes your fat. This process is called Cryolipolysis, which is the freezing that causes your fat cells to die. For a few days or weeks after the treatment this area will feel numb and a little sore. Some patients even experience swelling or bruising.

By the time my appointment rolled around I was itching to get this done. All the research I’d done showed that the results were pretty incredible. I had my before photos taken and climbed up onto the comfy bed where my treatment would take place. Little did I know this treatment wasn’t going to be a piece of cake. It hurts! I should have known, nothing that sounds this perfect ever comes easily. And let me tell you the suctioning and freezing is not comfortable at all. After an hour of suctioning, and I did three hours because I wanted to remove fat from my flanks (aka. love handles), the spa practitioner massages your skin back into place because it is basically a frozen cube. This is the worst part. But, if you can bare it (my pain tolerance is very low) the results will be worth it.

I did not experience any bruising the next day after my treatment but the area did feel a bit swollen and numb. Imagine a pins and needles feeling. Wearing tight yoga pants helps ease that uncomfortable feeling.

So, did it work? Did I say bye-bye to the bulge? You’ll have to wait and see. Most clients don’t see results until 10 weeks after the procedure. So stay tuned for my post report in the upcoming weeks!

In the meantime, for more information on CoolSculpting and SpaMedica, click HERE.

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