The Dos and Don’ts of Wearing Winter White

White during winter is not a fashion faux pas. Winter whites look crisp and offer a stark alternative to months of dull grey and black.

The Dos
Do buy soft and cozy
Angelina Jolie rocks this floor-sweeping angora knit dress at the premiere of The Tourist and pulls it off perfectly. While wearing a long white knit gown isn’t a reality for most of us (hello, showing every lump and bump), a cream or white sweater always looks great. Keep a lint brush handy though– white angora will shed on to your favourite black pants and coats.

Do pay attention to fabric

A white winter coat can look chic and sophisticated. Just make sure to choose the right fabric and shade. A stark white, full length bomber coat will give the effect of the Michelin Man, whereas a wool pea coat or thin quilted jacket in cream or ecru will hit the ideal fashion tone. Seasonal fabrics are essential for pulling off this look. Stick to wool, silk or satin and cotton.

Do add a bright colour accessory
If you feel that white head-to-toe is too much, add a splash of colour like a bright pashmina or bold cocktail ring, chandelier earrings or a multi-strand necklace in teal, lavender or red will give a burst of colour without diminishing the statement of your outfit.

The Don’ts

Say no to white tights
Snow White tights only work if you’re a nurse. White hosiery is unforgiving and you should stick to black, grey, brown or other neutrals. White tends to make your legs look like tree stumps.

Skip white shoes and boots
Leave the white stiletto thigh high boots on the shelf. They scream exotic dancer! It’s true that black boots with a white outfit can look stark but a good choice for footwear is to stay within the shade family. Opt for a tan or natural coloured suede or leather bootie or shoe. When choosing shoes avoid chunky or clunky styles. They will make your feet appear larger than their actual size.

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