What You Need in Your Party Clutch

Ever notice that the most well-prepared women carry the smallest purses, yet always seem to have everything they need in a pinch? This holiday season, you can be that smug, well-prepared woman (Mary Poppins ain’t got nothin’ on you) by keeping these essential items in your handbag. They’ll get you through staff parties, family functions, and cocktail parties with your look – and your sanity – intact.

Because you never know when you’ll need to sneak a quick peek to make sure you don’t have food in your teeth.

Blotting Sheets
A couple sheets will remove oil and sweat without taking off your makeup, leaving your complexion fresh and your foundation in place.

A surprising number of women fail to bring along the same lipstick they originally applied, opting instead to water down their colour with mismatching glosses. If that shade looked great in the mirror at home, don’t you want to keep it going all night?

Throw in a cute tin of all-purpose balm (we love Smith’s Rosebud Salve), that will work overtime as lip balm, hand moisturizer, and cuticle tamer.

Bobby pins
Always. They take up so little space and can be such a lifesaver if your hairstyle goes wrong. You may think you’re wearing your hair down on your way out the door, but that could always change mid-party, especially if you come across some inclement weather on your way there.

Little scissors (bonus if attached to nail clip)
Perfect for fixing stray threads or getting rid of any suddenly scratchy tags.

Forget clear nail polish. If your tights really do snag, you’ll need a whole new pair. Worth it if you’re going to a black tie event “ and if they’re just your backups you can get a low denier option (so they’ll scrunch into a teeny tiny ball, especially if you secure them with an elastic for maximum compactness).

At some point it might make more sense to just start fresh. Instead of piling new makeup on top of old makeup, wipe off your tired base and add some new concealer instead.

Cotton pads
In case you need to perform an emergency cleanse, as above. If you’re sporting heavy-duty eye makeup, you may even want to pre-soak one in makeup remover and wrap in a Ziploc bag.

Cream blush
Because nothing revives a tired complexion faster than a quick smudge of pink.

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