Biotherm Lands Christy Turlington

It’s happening: Christy Turlington has been named the newest brand ambassador for Biotherm, as well as the newest face of the Blue Therapy range.

“I make sure that all parts of my life are fulfilling, family, friendships, work,” she said. “More of a holistic approach to living.”

Which is exactly what piqued Biotherm’s interest.

“Christy’s ageless beauty, natural charisma, and unstoppable energy is the incarnation of the contemporary woman, la femme Biotherm,” declared Patrick Kullenberg, International General Manager of Biotherm.

“Health is everything, it is the most important thing,” added Turlington. “It just feels so much better to be healthy and it’s a focus of everything that I do.”

Fair! The model’s campaign was shot in Miami, and is in support of Blue Therapy Accelerated, which is the brand’s new accelerated serum meant to speed up the metabolism of aging skin cells. Biotherm has spent the last 60 years offering aquatic skincare solutions, and their iconic products include Blue Therapy, Aquasource, and Lait Corporel. Get psyched!

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