Product Of The Week: Raincry Volume Wash, Thickening Rinse and Daily Densifying Treatment

When it comes to hair, I have a grass-is-greener gaze. Bigger plus thicker plus swoosh-ier always equals better. So when I had the opportunity to try Feisal Qureshi’s Raincry’s Volume Wash, Thickening Rinse and Daily Densifying Treatment I took it.

It’s not the first time I’ve followed a hairstylist’s promise for voluminous, covetable hair in to and out of the shower. Christophe Robin, Oribe, Frédéric Fekkai to name-drop a few…and it probably won’t be the last. But the former L’Oréal Professionnel and Schwarzkopf platform artist/educator’s line has caught and held my attention because, hallelujah, it does exactly what it claims it will on each of its recyclable bottles.

The volumizing shampoo is a blend of alpha hydroxy acid, fortifying seashells and grapefruit extract, so works to lift my fine strands and give them a light airy quality, while the thickening conditioner is filled with plumping ingredients including collagen (I’ll try anything with collagen), omega 3 and fatty acids. To be perfectly frank, I don’t always spray the Daily Densifying Treatment on, mostly because I’m lazy. When I do though, it’s formulation of copper peptides, biotin and calendula extract give my roots a nice boost of height and definitely help hold my roller-brushed style.

Considering I’m only washing and styling my hair every other day now, having the extra volume and oomph makes it possible to wear it down for a full 48, giving my head a break from the pull of the hair elastic I typically twist around my pony.

Raincry Volume Wash, Thickening Rinse and Daily Densifying Treatment, from $44 to $50, available at Hudson’s Bay.

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