MVPs: Most Valuable Palettes

MVP stands for Most Valuable Palette! In a sleek case, these products combine your beauty essentials into a convenient size fit for travel, your gym bag, or even your daily routine. If you’re a minimalist who doesn’t like to sacrifice options, here are our MVPs giving you the most bang for your buck.


1. Urban Decay

At the top of this list is without a doubt, Urban Decay’s Naked 3 palette. UD has had two other successful iterations in the past, but this newest version is on everyone’s wish list. This time around, the eyeshadow palette combines both shimmer and matte shades. This allows you to complete both day and night looks and the colours also have a fitting range. 

2. Too Faced

The brand's new Jingle All the Way palette is a huge must-have with its sexy bronze shades and a bronzer packed into an adorable, usable iPhone 5 case. The brand’s signature bronzer is here, as well as a great selection of eyeshadow and a blush to keep you beautiful. This is great if you are looking for a cute palette to keep around in your purse or desk. 

3. Stila Snowflake

Wrapped in this pretty snowflake case, Stila's Snowflake Snow Angel Colour Palette has every natural eyeshadow colour you could dream of! The kit also comes with a mini mascara tube. 

4. MAC

We don’t forget about lips here either, as MAC's PRO Lip Palette fills our needs for luscious lips. The glosses come in pretty shades of both sweet and vampy reds, coming in with sheer, matte and pigmented formulas. The sleek black case is minimalist, and comes packed with their iconic colours like Russian Red and MAC red. Many lip palettes can be near the $100 range but this one costs less than half of that, and is almost an industry standard to have in your beauty arsenal.

5. Benefit

More of a get-gorgeous kit than a palette, this conveniently packed palette contains some of Benefit's best products in their Sugarlicious Lip & Cheek Kit. Containing their best-selling cheek potions, Benetint (which will stain your cheeks or lips) and a gorgeous highlighter, High Beam, there's also a multi-dimensional blush with a brush and a lip gloss in a pretty coral nude shade. 

6. Stila Masterpiece

The cult brand’s mini palettes are an inexpensive, yet practical palette to have on hand. For only about $50, The Stila Masterpiece pallete gives you three mini palette books, housed in a cute book case, each containing a palette for your eyes and a coordinating cheek shade. They're based around certain looks, like natural or smokey and are compact enough to be taken out of the box case and tossed into your weekend bag.  The many colour combos suit any skin tone or hair colouring, and the cardboard packaging is light and decorated with cute illustrations. 

7. Sephora

Every year, Sephora releases a covetable collection of its signature line, entitled the Makeup Academy Blockbuster. The palette is well priced (around $55), and sells out quickly. The size might be daunting, but you can count on 72 eyeshadow shades, a few blush/bronzer options and a lip palette that says “kiss me”. It also comes with eyeshadow primers, concealers and applicator brushes to give you a full makeup look. The only drawback are small shadow sizes, so if you fall in love with one colour, you might finish it before the rest of the colours get some love.

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