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Layering is an art. No, seriously, it is. Anyone living in temperate climates, or for those who just love wearing a lot of clothes at one time, know that perfecting an effortless clothes-on-clothes look takes strategic style planning and one false move is the ultimate fashion no-no. Here are a few tips to help you begin layering like a pro.

Light to Heavy

Like a gradual building slope, you want to put on your lightest clothing on first such as a tank top, t-shirt or long sleeve top followed by heavier clothing. Make sure all of these items are loose material, ensuring you feel comfortable to move around. Follow with a structured button-down blouse or sweater and finally top it off with a jacket or vest that isn’t too big or too tight and shows off the pieces underneath.

Keep it the three to four items

Layering can be a bit addictive, especially when you just bought two shirts you’re just dying to wear together. Try to have a max number of layers you know you will be comfortable in. A good number to start with is three. For example, a t-shirt, long sleeve denim shirt and oversized cardigan can be fashionable without the unnecessary bulkiness.

How to Layer - Style

Balance is key

Take your wardrobe into consideration and layer with pieces that complement each other. Note: this doesn’t mean to stick to the same colour or pattern family – not at all, I mean fashion is supposed to be fun! But do balance materials, textures and prints and create the illusion of simplicity, which I will get into more in the next point.

Illusion of simplicity

Ever noticed your favorite bloggers, stylists or even your friend who is well put together every day without fail? Chances are they probably understand that looking good does not need to be complex or difficult and they know the power of simple pieces coming together. Take cue and invest clothing and accessories, which may be a bit plain when worn on their own but when paired with other items create a statement look.

Invest in distinct pieces

A faux fur vest? Yes, please! Tattered jeans? No problem! Bold, distinctive and sometimes unusual fashion is the best to wear when you’re going to layer for two reasons. The first, worn alone this items can be a bit, um, overbearing and appear slightly ridiculous. However, worn with a basic staple they create unified outfit. Secondly, a unique item brings more ‘flavour’ to a basic outfit and who doesn’t like standing out in the crowd?

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