Jessica Simpson’s Billion Dollar Brand

Remember back when Jessica Simpson was on Newlyweds with her ex-hubby Nick Lachey? Remember when she asked about “chicken of the sea?” Remeber how stupid we thought she was? Guys we were wrong. Very, very wrong. 

She might be quirky but Jessica Simpson is definitely a savvy business woman whose fashion empire made close to a billion dollars in 2010 alone. According to recent reports, her brand made $750 million this year.  

“She is the girl next door and has great product that surrounds her,” Vince Camuto, founder and CEO of Camuto Group, which is Simpson’s licensee. “People like her. People look at her as a style icon.”

The Jessica Simpson brand includes more than 20 fashion items, with everything from fragrances and swim wear, to jeans and shoes. Plus, next fall Jessica will be debuting her sports line to include jackets and knits with dresses starting at $29. If you ask me, she might just hit the billion dollar mark next year since the new line is said to hit more than 650 stores across the United States and Canada. 

“This new sportswear line reflects my evolving style, which combines comfort, femininity and flirty fun,” said Jessica. 

Wow, 2010 has been quite the year for Jessica. She recently turned 30 (a feat she celebrated instead of feeling depressed about), she got engaged to ex-NFLer, Eric Johnson, and her fashion empire seems to have far surpassed the other singer-turned actress-turned designer types. Maybe they should take a few notes from Ms. Simpson. 

I really haven’t seen the Jessica brand too often while shopping, but I have seen her footwear and some of those heels are absolutely gorgeous! I think I might pay a bit more attention when I see Jessica’s name in retail stores to find out what all the fuss is about. 

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