The Dos and Don’ts of Statement Jewelry

If less is more, than where does statement jewelry come in? Oversize rings, intricate necklaces and outlandish accessories hardly constitute as keeping it subtle, yet worn in the right way, they can add attitude to your outfit and take a look from average to fashion-forward. Of course, it’s up to you to avoid the pitfalls “ so to do that, here’s our guide to the do’s and don’ts of wearing statement jewelry.

DO embrace it
When it comes to wearing anything controversial, it can be tempting to avoid making an investment because it can easily be considered too trendy. However, if you’re going to have fun with any trend “ temporary or not-so-much “ you might as well take the road of accessories. No, oversize animal-shaped wooden necklaces may not be a hot commodity by this time next year, but at least you went for the affordable alternative to the season’s safari trend as opposed to dropping your hard-earned money on an off-the-runway full-length gown.

DON’T overdo it 
Sure, we may encourage you to be outlandish in your jewelry-wearing endeavors, but when it comes to donning multiple items simultaneously, remind yourself to keep things relatively simple. Yes, you can wear several rings in one sitting (provided they’re not too over-the-top), but to wear several wooden pieces our heavy chains at a time will serve only to make you look unbalanced, thus hiding the trend itself with your over-the-top commitment.

*Rule to live by: take off one piece of jewelry before heading out the door.

DO mix and match
There’s a fine line between accessory overkill and mere variety, so while you might be afraid of going the way of Mr. T (we pity the fool who wears too many necklaces), remember that you can still use different pieces to make the exact same statement. Meaning? You can wear an oversize ring and a few long chain necklaces at the same time (and by all means, do so), but like you wouldn’t wear a baggy top with loose-fitting pants, you have to make sure your jewelry’s still balanced. Pair vintage necklaces with oversize rings, but if you’re rocking a wooden necklace, keep the rest of your jewelry on the neutral side. 

DON’T underdo it 
Just like you wouldn’t wear multiple necklaces with a wrist full of bangles and a hand full of rings, you wouldn’t wear a single chain with an outfit in need of much more. Often, jewelry anchors a look and pulls items together, and if you’re channeling spring’s 1970s trend, you’ll need more than just some translucent beads to keep you modern. Patterns often require one neutral piece so if you’re wearing something loud, consider a brown, black or heavy metallic accessory (like a necklace or belt) to pull everything together and to keep your look balanced. 

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