The Baroque Trend: How to Wear It

Every season has its main trend du jour. For spring it was neon and summer it was floral (again) and for this fall it is baroque. Yes, you’ve probably all read about or seen the elegant and historical trend that prides itself on delicate golden thread stitching, embroidered details and intricate patterns and designs that mimic the garments of 17th century royalty. Fashion designers such as Gucci, Ralph Lauren and even popular retailer J.Crew are all crazy for the divine trend that pushes the sophistication level very high. But you won’t need to pay a royal price tag (or a runway price tag) to wear this royal inspired trend – take heed of these style tips that will make you wear baroque with ease and class.

Embrace accessories
If this is your first formal introduction to baroque, it isn’t advisable for you to go out and buy a two-piece embellished baroque inspired pantsuit. Instead, look for accessories that are reflective of the trend. Whether it’s a pair of shoes with a detailed embroidery design or a shoulder bag that has fancy gold accents that create an eye-catching pattern, the best way to ease into any new trend is start with the accessories and work your way up.

Buy an investment piece
The great thing about baroque is that it has a natural air of sophistication “ which is perfect for this time of the year, what with all the evening and social gatherings you’ll be attending. So with that in mind invest in a baroque piece that will be your fashion savoir for special events. The piece can be a skirt, a dress, a coat “ whatever. As long as the pattern is clearly embroidered, the design, depending on your taste, is detailed and is sure to make you stand out from the crowd.

Add to casual wear
Yes, you can wear this style everyday, believe it or not. Although it is exudes more elegance than your average everyday wear, if worn with some of your favourite closet staples, even this trend can be knocked down a notch. You can find simple baroque inspired tops and pants at H&M and J. Crew or your favourite retailer. Try and choose pieces that both match with your outfit and also speak to the uniqueness of the trend and don’t make you look like you just came off the theatre stage for the play Henry V.

Go Baroque or go home!
There is no such thing as going overboard when it comes to wearing baroque, so if you’re going to wear it, wear it boldly. This doesn’t mean you have to wear it head to toe (although you’re most welcomed too once you’ve eased into the trend), just make sure that whatever your baroque investment piece is that it stands out and that you wear the trend confidently, while keeping your own fashion limits and preferences in mind. It’s also important to wear this trend in a more ready-to-wear approach rather than a runway or theatrical approach or else you’ll just end up looking very awkward and uncomfortable.

[Photo: Dolce & Gabbana F/W ready-to-wear 2012/13]

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    • Jennifer David
    • January 3, 2019

    I totally agree with your statement. Embroidery is always a good option to embellish your accessories even I’ve seen floral embroidery designs on footwears (mostly sneakers) too.

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