7 Ways to Keep Your Sex Life Hot

Keeping things hot in the bedroom isn’t always easy but that doesn’t mean it’s impossible. Here are a few simple ways you can turn up the heat.

1. Role Play
Never underestimate the power of role-playing. Even if it feels weird to start off with, you may find that you both enjoy this unlikely escape from reality. It’s a chance for you to do whatever you please, behind guise of someone else.

2. Prepare for It
Ladies, this doesn’t just mean getting a bikini wax. Get yourself dolled up and put on a sexy outfit. Guys, do your gardening and put on some fresh, clean, and super sexy boxers. If you put some effort into the preparation, it will be way more exciting.

3. Set the Mood
If sex has become a routine activity, it’s time to spice things up. Set the room up for hanky panky with some scented candles, soft music and give each other massages with a little almond oil. Take your time, enjoy the seductive scene around you and let your senses take you both away.

4. Check into a Hotel
Just because you live together doesn’t mean sex always has to be in your bedroom. Check into a hotel for a weekend or an evening to change to your routine and remind you about your passion for one another.

5. Take Your Time
Sex is not a race to the finish. Allow your partner to really enjoy the experience without making them feel rushed. Take all the time you need to enjoy each other.

6. Try New Positions
Is sex the same old thing every single time? Pick yourself up a copy of the Karma Sutra and try at least one new position every time you have sex. There are plenty in there to keep you busy for a long time.

7. Remember, Sex is Fun
Many couples trying to conceive tend to forget this part. On occasion, you have to throw your ovulation chart out the window, and just have sex to have sex. Don’t make it a chore or a job. Just enjoy the pleasure of being with your partner. 

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