Changing Seasons: How to De-clutter Your Closet

New season, new wardrobe. Spring is the perfect time to switch out your dull and colorless wardrobe for a more a vibrant selection. But rather than piling your new buys on top of your winter clothes (admit it, you are guilty of this), de-clutter the smart way. Here are five inexpensive (and surprisingly chic) ways to organize your closet to accommodate the change.

The Trend Categorizer

Having worked at a major retail brand you learn a few tricks of the trade, one being to place one specific trend in one section. For example, put all light, candy coloured clothing together and mentally label it as pastels and so on. This idea makes it easy to clearly see each piece and to access your favorite trends.

Fold, Tuck and Store

For those who like to keep their clothes as neat as they are organized, this space saving solution relies on strategically placing each and every item. Start by folding and placing all heavy sweaters in a bin or storing your black bottoms below your jeans. Always consider fabrics when using this method as you don’t want delicate clothing to be crushed or start pilling.

Closet Organizers

This seems like the obvious choice because it is. Like our trusty iPhone apps, a closet organizer is a simple yet very effective way to organize clothes. In fact, Ikea has made half of their fortune selling perfectly coordinating organizers and many furniture stores offer easy do-it-yourself assembling kits.

Fashion Shoot

If you like to keep it very simple, this popular and chic way to layout clothing and accessories may be your go-to. Based on the organized mess of a fashion shoot, this idea is all about displaying some few key pieces on a rolling rack or stand, which you can purchase on eBay or other specialty furniture stores. The only downside? Don’t overcrowd the rack with all your pieces. Rather, store rarely worn or winter items in the closet space you do have and create a harmoniously, flowing layout.

Faux Walk-In Closet

Every women dreams of having a walk in closet (I know I have) that is so big, you can’t even find the back wall. While we’re still in wishing mode for this closet to appear, there is a way to make your tiny closet space mimic a walk in with two words: layer and categorize. Combining number 1 and 2, it’s all about how group and store your pieces. For example, keep heavier clothing, like sweaters and jackets, on either the left or right and put accompanying pieces below such as boots right under on a shoe rack. Work your way into the middle and keep following the same process and alternate from the bottom to top when storing unused items and you’ll have a space that even Sarah Jessica Parker would be glad to call her own. 

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