Long-Term Relationships: 6 Ways to Make Him Chase You Again

You’ve been with your man for a while now and everything is hunky dory. Maybe you’re married, or maybe you live together, or maybe you each still have your own place but practically live at each other’s. Whatever the case, the honeymoon phase is over and now you’re comfortably happy as can be.

But do you ever miss that feeling, that fresh relationship feeling, that feeling of uncertainty, excitement, anticipation? When everything is new and you can’t keep your hands off each other? Sure, he still gives you an affectionate slap on the ass every time he walks by but do you kind of miss those days before he ever slapped your ass, when all he could think about was slapping your ass and how much he wanted to and how much he would tell you how much he wanted to?

Even if you’re totally in love with each other and your routine, there’s nothing wrong with trying to get that feeling back sometimes, even if it’s just a little bit. So we have some tips for you to spice up your sitch. Try these six ways to make him chase you again and perhaps you’ll find yourself embarking on a second honeymoon phase.

Go on a vacation without him

They say absence makes the heart grow fonder and in this case, they are absolutely right. A key to the chase is making him miss you. If he’s used to seeing you everyday then he’s for sure going to notice when you’re gone. Go home to visit your parents for a couple days, or grab some girlfriends and head off for a road trip, or even better, fly somewhere fun. Whether it’s for a week or a weekend, he will likely be counting the minutes until you are back in his arms. And of course, there’s also the added bonus of getting to go on a trip.

Plan him the ultimate boys night

You could definitely plan this for when you’re gone, although sending him out for a boys night when he can come home to you later is even better (cause then you can take advantage of his drunken horniness). Planning him a night out with his friends shows a few things: that you trust him, that you want him to be independent, and that you want to be independent too. Grab him tickets to the game, or set up a poker night at your place, or whatever they’re into. But don’t just tell him to go have fun with his friends one night”collaborate with his buddies to come up with an idea. If you participate in making the plan, he will love you all the more for putting the effort in. You’ll be on his mind throughout the night and he’ll be ready to show his appreciation when he comes back home.

Look good

I mean, you always look good, especially to him. I’m saying you should look really good. It’s really easy to fall into the habit of totally letting your personal care routine go once you get super comfortable with someone. Sweatpants, no makeup, hurr not did, hurr on your legs, hurr on your va-jay-jay, hurr errywhere! Jeans and an old t-shirt on dates. Sound familiar? Not that there’s anything wrong with any of this and if your man doesn’t mind then you’ve definitely got a good one. And if you’re even with one of those ones that say he prefers your au naturale look, bless his heart¦and then blow his mind.

Let’s face it: men are visual creatures so if he already thinks you look great no matter what, then take it to the next level. Go get everything waxed from the waist down and show up for Netflix night in one of those super-cute-but-effortless-looking outfits that actually take forever to put together but when he compliments you, you can say, Oh, this old thing? I just threw on whatever was there. And for your next date night, for the love of God, pull out all the stops. Think of it as a first date and dress accordingly. You don’t need to do this all the time, every time, but doing it every so often will surely get his attention and bring you back to those early dating days. And if all of this is too much work for you, you could always just opt to wear some sexy underwear instead of your old shabby panties that may be comfy but aren’t exactly chase-worthy.

Pick up a hobby”independently

This goes by the same line of thought as going on a vacation without him but it is a more consistent and long-term option. Breaking your routine will serve to shake things up, so if you decide to take up a new hobby all by yourself, you will show him that you are an independent woman (throw yo hands up at me!) who has a life of her own, outside of the life you share together. This is a good thing, a healthy thing, an attractive thing, a thing that is likely to get him back on the chase and paying you a little more attention than he usually would because, as I said before, he will miss you.

If your normal weeknight routine is to make dinner and watch Netflix until bedtime, then on those nights when you decide to go to yoga or art class, he will be missing his couch buddy and wishing you were there. He might send you a text to see how it’s going, or he might give you an extra long kiss when you get back home”whatever he does, you will surely be able to feel that he has been missing you, which is a lovely feeling of course. An added bonus will be if he decides to go pick up a new hobby of his own to fill the void. Now both of you will be doing something interesting that will provide great conversation material as you share your independent experiences with each other.

Sext him randomly during the day

Especially if you live together and have for a while, it’s easy to go the majority of the day without texting, or at least without texting about anything more exciting than asking whether you are out of milk. Remember those days when you couldn’t keep your hands off each other? Surprise him by sending him a steamy hot text message, or even better a super sexy pic, and he will definitely be skipping the milk and heading straight home from work to get a piece of that bod. Extra points for starting a full-blown sext convo about everything you will do to him later, and then actually doing it. I guarantee that he will be initiating a few more conversations like that in the future.

Date night dress ditch

If you’ve seen that hilarious episode of Modern Family where Claire gets her trench coat belt stuck in the escalator, then you already know what I’m talking about. Here is how to pull it off without a hitch. All you need for this is a cute dress, a trench coat, and your sexiest lingerie. Wear all of these things out on a date night, preferably when you’re out for a nice dinner. At some point, say that you’re a bit chilly and put your coat back on (maybe towards the end of the meal so that you can eat comfortably). Once the plates have been cleared, your server will ask if you’d both like another glass of wine, to which you will say yes, then excuse yourself to the ladies room. Once there, take your dress off, put it in your purse, and put your trench coat back on, buttoned and tied. The slinkier the dress the better, as it will be easier to fit into your purse, and he’ll already be drooling over you enough. Also, try to wear one that’s short enough so that it doesn’t come past the hem of your coat so that he’s none the wiser when you return from the table. After you have sat down, say in your most seductive voice, I have something for you, then ever so nonchalantly slip your dress to him under the table and watch as the moments pass while he puts two and two together. Maybe give him a quick flash of the lace on your bra but try to leave as much to the imagination as possible. Sip your wine slowly and drive him crazy knowing that you’re sitting across from him in a public place with nothing but your skivvies on under that coat. He will want to chug his glass and chase you all the way home.

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