Why Marrying for Money Isn’t Always Ideal

We can all thank Walt Disney for the mindset we grew up with that told us that, as women, we should constantly be searching for a man who is tall, dark, handsome…and filthy rich. Because that’s what Prince Charming always was, right? And while those films always ended with a “happily ever after”, we never actually saw what happened in the months and years that followed their perfect “I do’s” and in reality, we probably wouldn’t want to. Why you ask? Well, long story short, rich men don’t make great husbands or long term partners…and here’s why.

He’s less likely to be faithful

Yes, there is a real reason why all the tabloids tend to love the marital drama of the rich and famous – because it happens more often. Research shows that men who make lower incomes are less likely to stray and that men who make higher incomes often feel a sense of entitlement that prevents them from feeling like what they are doing is wrong when they cheat.

He won’t go out of his way for you

Guys who have less dough to spend on fancy dates and expensive gifts will automatically look for other ways to impress you in order to keep you. What does this mean? More memorable times spent together, more meaningful gifts, and (if we’re being realistic here) more quality attention in bed. And speaking of…

Your satisfaction won’t be his first concern

Don’t let Christian Grey fool you ladies, rich men are unlikely to be overly concerned about your satisfaction…both in and out of the sack. Men with higher incomes tend to be notoriously selfish in all aspects of their lives. Money and success tends to be on the forefront of their mind and you, well, won’t be. His mindset will be to get in, get what he wants, and get out. Whether you orgasm or not will be the least of his concerns.

He doesn’t see you as equal

It probably comes as no surprise to anyone who has ever worked for a successful man that they tend to have more traditionally sexiest views than their lesser-paid counterparts.  Research shows that these alpha males tend to believe that it is their responsibility to provide for their family and tend to be less supportive of their wives careers outside of the home. 

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