Nicki Minaj is Over Your Shaming, Trolls

Believe it or not, actual people (though I refuse to use the term, “humans”) spend moments out of their day, commenting on Nicki Minaj’s Instagram photos and saying terrible things. (Another word for these people is arguably, “losers.”)

After a series of cruel comments about her appearance on her own Instagram, the rapper responded to quips about her ponytail (what?!) by visiting the Instagram accounts of the commenters and started throwing a sufficient amount of shade. (And then posting a picture of the offender in question.)

But then get this: despite Minaj being the defender in this situation, her fans started accusing her of trolling and/or online bullying. Which seems kind of excessive, no?

“Lol can i just be on my own page minding my business in peace?” She tweeted. “Lmao. When I post a pic of a person dissin me I’m a bully? Lol this world…”

“Lol I’m not even saying anything any more,” she continued. “I’m just going to post your pic. If you’re that perfect, you shouldn’t care, right? Lol”

“They can dish it but can never take it. Lol Pls stay off my page. My life will only make you more mad.”

Which, honestly, is kind of fair. Granted, public shaming is a slippery slope, but if you’re going out of your way to be rude to another person, their choice of defence — provided it’s not hurting anybody — is up to that person, right? But on the flip side: trolls will be trolls. Some people are just the worst. It’s also why the block option exists — because who even are these people. (Answer: people Nicki Minaj doesn’t have time to deal with, honestly.)

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