Does My Boss Have a Crush on Me?

If you’re a young adult, your workplace is likely your social circle. Somewhere between the apres-work drinks and holiday parties, office flings happen. Especially if you work hard and spend a lot of time at the office. But things get complicated when you date a co-worker – even more so when said co-worker happens to be your boss. Here are some dos and don’ts to bear in mind. 
Do talk about it with your partner.
Dating any co-worker is fraught with issues – the inevitable distractions, the impending break up that may or may not happen, etc. Don’t act like those issues don’t exist when you’re together. Talking about them and know you’re both on the same page. 
Do be discrete and professional
Avoid fuelling the fire of rumours flying around the office by calling each other babe all over the office. 
Do be prepared
Will you be able to stand your job if things go awry? Don’t compromise your love life for you job, but you don’t want to compromise your job for your love life, either. Be sure of what you’re getting yourself into and be sure you can handle the consequences if things don’t work out. 
Don’t be anti social
That is, within your job and outside of it. You and your partner are spending a lot of time together – at work and otherwise. Make sure you don’t forget all about your friends, family, or self. 
Don’t post it all over Facebook
Before you go nuts with social media sharing, think of your future. This goes for any photos you post of yourself that circulate around the internet of course, but roping your boss into the equation can make things sticky for both of you
Don’t have sex on the photocopier

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