How to Stay Fit During the Holidays

It’s the most wonderful time of the year….

It totally is though, right? Right?! With all the fairy lights and dashing music, the holidays truly are a wonderful and joyous part of our winter months. But amongst the hustle and bustle of spending time with family and friends, we often find ourselves skipping out on exercise in lieu of gorging out on booze and baked goods. With the temptation to give into, well, temptation so high, how do we keep ourselves feeling fit and fabulous over the festive season?

Schedule your workouts

Planning ahead is one of the most crucial parts of staying fit during the holidays. Schedule out your workouts at the beginning of the week, giving yourself one or two times each day that you could workout, just incase plans change and you have to go for your second option. Then commit to this calendar and stick with it. Don’t let “I just don’t have time” even enter your vocabulary this season!

Keep a food journal

Writing down every single thing you eat might seem like a strenuous and ridiculous task but in reality, there is no better time to do so, then at the holidays. Keeping track of how much food and drink you consume, as well as how many calories said food and drink contains will help keep you from overindulging too much over the holidays. Check out MyFitnessPal, a website and mobile app that simplifies the process and allows you to count calories on the go during the busiest season of the year.

Workout at home

Sometimes getting to the gym over the holidays just isn’t an option. So why not bring the gym to you? Stock up on DVDs or download a fitness app that will allow you to workout around your schedule while you are at home. A quick 30-minute workout as soon as you wake up or right before bed will do wonders for your mental health and your waistline this season.

Get a buddy

The best and surest ways to make sure that you don’t miss a single workout and stay motivated over the holidays is to enlist a fitness partner. Grab your bestie or even your mom and schedule your workouts together, ensuring that you both stick with the plans and keep each other enthusiastic and driven. For extra encouragement, do a pre-holiday weigh in and then keep on the scale over the next few weeks to make sure that you aren’t letting the extra pounds creep on.

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