3 Apps That Will Make Life in Toronto Better

If you live in the city, you undoubtedly have a case of the hustle-and-bustle feels. There are just not enough hours in the day, parking is IMPOSSIBLE (or at least ridiculously expensive), there are so many choices for everything that decision-making is a whole accomplishment in itself.

Luckily, we have discovered 3 new Toronto-based apps that will make your urban adventures go all the more smoothly. Life is better when things are a bit easier, right? You’ll definitely want to check these out. Oh, and the price is right on all of them: free!

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What It’s For: Food. FAST Food. Not like, fast food like McDick’s, but like fast food as in whatever food you want (from their list of participating restos), minus the wait time.

How It Works: When you sign up, they will ask for your name, email, phone number, credit card, and a photo. No, they aren’t trying to steal your identity”the credit card is to pay for your food quickly and conveniently, and the photo is used to identify you and avoid accidentally giving your sandwich to someone else.

Once you’re all signed up, find a restaurant nearby that’s got something you’re hankerin’ for. They currently have over 100 restaurants and cafes on board right in the downtown core and are constantly adding more and looking to expand. Right now they serve the St. Lawrence Market, Liberty Village, the Entertainment District, and King West. They provide easy-to-read menus complete with descriptions and pricing. You can also filter your search to view restaurants by popularity or availability, or browse through collections to find all of the fruit smoothies, for example, that are served near you.

Order your meal or coffee or smoothie or whatever you want from your phone and start heading over there when you’re ready. Your order will be prepared while you’re en route so that once you arrive, all you need to do is take it and go. And if you’re a creature of habit, just use the My Rituals feature so you can easily reorder your favourite things on the regular.

This is the ultimate for the urban professional whose time is money. An hour for lunch break isn’t meant to be spent waiting to eat”it’s meant to be spent eating so you can get back to that demanding project or make it on time to your next meeting. Even if you aren’t in that much of a rush, the fact is, waiting sucks. Especially if you’re so starving that you’re literally salivating. If any of this sounds familiar, go download Ritual right now (available for iOS or Android).

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