Eat Smart at the Movies

So it’s girls night out and you’re all headed to the movies. Showtime is in half an hour and you haven’t eaten dinner yet, so you figure hey, I’ll just grab a bite to eat at the movies.

Sure it may seem like an easy plan but it’s one that will rack up the calories in no time. If you think having no time to eat dinner and needing to catch a movie is an excuse to pig out, know that there is another way.

Follow some of these tips to help avoid pigging out, and then regretting it, at the movies.

¢ H2O: Instead of buying that extra large pop (don’t let them get you with that it’s only an extra fifty cents business), buy a water bottle and chug that instead. Better yet, bring your own reusable bottle (if you’re keen on thinking green). Sure you might have to take one extra washroom break, but if you’re already full on water, you won’t necessarily find yourself reaching for that extra handful of popcorn.

¢ Healthy Options: If you have a bit of time to plan ahead, bring a baggie full of healthy snacks. Carrots, celery sticks or almonds are not only easy, they’re incredibly good for you too. Your friends might make fun of you (been there, done that), but you’ll be the one laughing all the way to the scale!

¢ Forget the Extras: If you just have to have popcorn, forgo the extra butter or margarine. Margarine may sound like a healthier option, but a large buttered popcorn will gain you about 1,500 calories. Ouch! Making your own popcorn at home is even better. In theory, popcorn should be a healthy, whole grain snack packed with fiber goodness “ but that’s only when you pop your own at home. The movie theatre variety means a greasy and oil-soaked mess.

¢ Plan Ahead: Finally, the easiest way to avoid over-indulging at the movie theatres is to eat a balanced meal before you leave the house. Think lean proteins, whole grains, veggies and healthy fats “ it’ll keep you full for several hours. Unfortunately, the delicious pizza and nachos at the concession stand do not cover all the necessary ingredients for a balanced, healthy meal.

In case you’re curious, take a look at how many calories movie theatre snacks can have. Trust us, they pack a mean punch!

¢ Large buttered popcorn: 1,500 calories

¢ Hot dog: 305 calories

¢ Nachos with cheese: 1,100 calories

¢ Soft pretzel: 485 calories

¢ Raisinets: 380 calories

¢ Milk duds: 340 calories

¢ Gummi bears: 390 calories

¢ Twizzlers: 600 calories

¢ Skittles: 765 calories

¢ Large Coca-Cola with ice: 353 calories

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