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With the upcoming holiday soiré©es, family gatherings and evenings out, it’s important to keep your fashion and beauty looks fresh and trendy, right down to the fingernails. These holiday (and trend approved) nail polish colours will have you feeling in the festive mood in no time!

Bling Jingle Bells

Who doesn’t love a little (or a lot) of bling? Get your nails are bright as your holiday spirit by going ultra gold on your nails. Start off by applying one coat of a plain gold base on the nails followed by a sparkle gold polish and apply 2 -3 coats. To make your nails really stand out apply the sparkle polish only on the tip of the fingernail for a golden manicure look.

Suggested colour: Holiday Ornament Formula X For Sephora, $17,

Holiday Ornament Formula X For Sephora


Chestnuts roasting

Tans, light and dark browns and burnt oranges have been popular go-to colours for the fall/winter because of their ease to go with just about any outfit. This colour family is perfect for a more laid-back look whether you’re sitting by the fire with your sweetheart or drinking coffee with your girlfriends in a café©. Try and choose a matte brown for a more chic look or a glossy brown for a more casual look.

Suggested colour: Vernis Please! Nail Lacquer by Givenchy in Delicate Brown, $19,

Vernis Please! by Givenchy


Deck the Halls

You know that one decorated house on your street that completely outshines every other house in your neighbourhood? Well, you can get that same look on your nails – only not as distracting! Follow the trend of applying each fingernail a different colour. However, don’t choose mismatched random colours – make sure you choose shades that flow together.

Suggested colour: e.l.f Essential 14-Piece Nail Cube – Limited Edition, on sale for $10,

nail cube

Cool Frosty

White has never been a more popular shade to wear on your nails and beauty-forward celebrities like Miley Cyrus and Rihanna are known to wear it regularly. To make white more festive as it is chic, opt for an ultra white matte base and apply 2 -3 coats or more, depending on how heavy you want it. Finish the look by adding nail stickers like silver or metallic nail jewels.

Suggested colour: Keeki Pure & Simple Nail Polish in Marshmallow, $13.99,


Secret Santa

Nail polish aficionados who want a look that is sure to impress will be pleased to try this look that is equal parts creativity and simplicity. Start of with a classic red colour base on every nail. When nails are dry, use a toothpick and a white or metallic nail colour and dip the tip of the toothpick into the polish. Follow by drawing one vertical line on the side of the nail and one horizontal line more than a halfway up the nail connecting the two lines to form a ribbon pattern.

Suggested colours: Maybelline Color Show Nail Color in Keep up the Flame and Pedal to the Metal, $2.96,

red nail polishsilver nail polish


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