Be a Killer Wing-Woman

We’ve all been the single girl once or twice in our lives, so we know how it feels to go out one night, interested in meeting a guy, but not sure how to go about it. Guys often travel in packs, just like girls do, so it is essential to have a group of friends who are willing to talk to people. A great wing woman could make or break a night out. So, what can you do to be the most in demand invitee of all your friends?
Even if you aren’t on the prowl, here’s how to help your single friend meet that guy she’s been eyeing all night.

Boost Her Confidence

If your friend seems a little down about the prospect of getting back into the dating game, be sure to remind her how great she is. Help her pick out an outfit that makes her   feel confident and beautiful, and that vibe is sure to shine when you are out on the town.  Don’t spend the evening talking about guys. Talk about her recent accomplishments and goals at work and personally. This will remind her how much she has to offer without directly relating it to dating.

Be Approachable

Even if you aren’t on the lookout for a cute new guy, you can still attract guys that might have friends that would be interested in your friend. Smile when you catch a guy’s eye, and be open to talking to a variety of different people. If you look like you are in the middle of a serious (and private) conversation, then no guy will attempt to crack that force field for fear of intruding.

Make Her Look Good

This should be the easiest part, since your friend is obviously a great catch. The key here is to bring up some of her great qualities, but not to sound like a door to door sales man trying to sell her company for the low, low price of $19.99. Casually mention how cool her job is, or how jealous you are that she just got back from a trip to New Zealand.  But don’t talk too much, all you have to do is get the ball rolling, your friend should be able to take it from there.

Give Them Some Privacy

A group conversation is great at first, but once new guy starts showing some interest in your friend, it is time to back away a little bit. It is best to go out in a group of 3 or 4, so no one ends up standing around compulsively checking their phone, and sighing. If you fade out of the conversation casually, and head over to another group of friends, you won’t run the risk of overstaying your welcome and overshadowing your friend. Let them  have a one on one conversation and see if there is a connection. But, be sure to keep an eye on her, and make sure she is safe!

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