Last Minute Christmas Gift Ideas for Your Boyfriend

Just because you left shopping for your boyfriend  until the last minute doesn’t make you a bad person. However, time it ticking away and Christmas will be upon us in no time. Maybe you still can’t decide what to get him. Maybe you are waiting for something he really wants to go on sale. Maybe you just forgot (you naughty girl). But whatever your reasons, naughty or nice, it is now almost Christmas and you still don’t have any gifts for your boyfriend. For some last minutes ideas, see below.

Homemade Dinner
Make your boyfriend a Christmas dinner with all of his favorite foods. You can choose to create this culinary masterpiece on Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, or even a few days before. Don’t leave this until after Christmas or he’ll think (know) you forgot. If it’s too close to Christmas to shop for what you need for the special dinner, create a gift certificate for the meal and even include a menu! If you can’t even boil water, order in a sumptuous meal for just the two of you and serve with your fanciest dishes, good wine, and candles.

Gift cards
Buy your boyfriend gift cards for his favorite restaurants, stores, or even specific items like iTunes. Don’t just hand them to him “ wrap them in festive paper, put them in a gift bag with tissue paper, and add a big bow. This will add to the whole idea that this is a Christmas gift, not a last minute rush for an appropriate substitute. You can order these on-line for certain stores, or just do a last minute dash out to his favorite stores.

Baked goods
If your boyfriend loves cookies and you can bake, make him a last minute Christmas gift consisting of all his favorite goodies. Bake several types of cookies and put them in a bakery box or a basket “ it will only take a few hours (don’t forget to add in cooling time). This is a very thoughtful gift for your boyfriend if he has a sweet-tooth, and it lets him know you care enough to remember what he likes. Even if it was last minute.

Gift basket
There’s no end to what you can put together at the last minute in a gift basket. Does your boyfriend love sports? Throw in some memorabilia, tickets, a magazine and you’re done. Is he a wine or beer lover? Purchase a few bottles and tuck them in the basket with some salty snacks. Movie lover? Tickets, DVDs and popcorn. Or why not something a little sexier “ massage oils, something sexy for you to wear, maybe even a few homemade gift certificates for, well, you know. Get that last minute Christmas gift panic into gear and get creative! 

And Merry Christmas.

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