8 No-Fail Flirting Tricks

Flirting is sexy, fun, and adventurous. But it can be downright terrifying to put yourself out there. So how do you ensure that your flirts will get you the attention you desire from those you desire it from? Well, you make all of the correct moves of course. And what better a place to find them then from the ladies who love flirting more than anything else in the world? Here are eight of our favorite tricks that work for us every time!

1. Give him the once over
Starting at his face, let your gaze slowly travel down his body and then back up to his face. Meet his eyes and give him a small half smile. Then look away coyly and bite your lip. There will be no doubt in his mind that you like what you see.

2. Play with your food
Whether it is slowly licking the cappuccino foam off your lips with the tip of your tongue or thoroughly enjoying every morsel of that pie as you linger with your spoon in your mouth. There is nothing sexier to a man than a woman who knows how to have a love affair with her food. You’ll send his imagination racing.

3. Touch him in passing
When you get up to use the washroom, graze his hand or shoulder as you pass. When you return, do the same, but allow your hand to linger just a second longer than the previous time. Slight physical touch is one of the most effective flirting techniques you will ever encounter. Giving him a little but still keeping him waiting for more.

4. Compliment him
It never hurts to go with the tried and tested. Every guy likes to have their ego stroked and there is no easier way to do so than with a simple, but unique, compliment. In passing, tell him he smells great and ask him what he’s wearing or tell him that his shirt makes him look smokin’ hot or tell him that his eyes are your absolute favorite shade of blue. If your going to pay him a compliment at least make sure its one he’ll never forget.

5. Ask for his opinion
Cute guy shopping on the other side of the Gap? Time your trip to the fitting room to coincide with his and ask his opinion on something you already know looks totally awesome on you. Tell him its urgent as you need something to wear to this party tonight. Not only will you get his attention but guys love to think they are helping a female in distress. Don’t forget to thank him later on your way to the register (and of course as for his number while your there)

6. Adjust and linger
Find an imaginary fluff on his sweater to brush away, pretend that you need to fix his tie, or even just give his collar a slight little tweak. And then mid-movement pause, catch his eyes and throw him a sly little smile before pulling away. What better to get your point across then to tell him without saying a word that you think he’d look better without those clothes on than in them.

7. Ask for help
You know that hunky stud from up the hall? Give him a buzz next time you are trying to enjoy a delicious tipple of wine and have suddenly discovered that its a cork bottle and you “don’t have” a corkscrew. Repay him with a super sweet smile and by offering him a glass for his troubles. He’ll hardly be able to resist.

8. Be bold
See that hottie at the bar? You need him to remember you. So prance your sexy behind right up to him and after a few minutes of small talk ask to see his phone. Once he hands it over, punch in your number and tell him he should call you. Soon. And then walk away. Your confidence will leave strong enough of an impression for him to definitely make that call.


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