6 Creative Winter Date Ideas

The snow doesn’t have to put a damper on your spirits. Winter dates do require a little more creativity, but they can be just as fun, and even more cozy, romantic and sexy than summer dates. Plus, if you’re down to brave the elements for a chunk of your date, getting adventurous outdoors definitely warrants some serious cuddling afterward. Here are a few ideas for creative winter dates.

Go to a winter fair. Winter fairs celebrate the season when most of us grumble through it. Join in the fun. Drink some artisan hot chocolate, check out ice sculptures, pet goats. You might be surprised at how much fun you have.

Go snowboarding. Sure, it requires a lot of work – getting all the way to a ski hill, renting boards if you don’t have them, making a whole day of it, etc., but it’s a super fun adventure. Chilling out all night after is the best reward ever, too. Back massages, anyone? Make fireplace s’mores. Ghost storytelling absolutely required.

Have a fondue night. Is it just us, or does winter just make you want to dip bite sized comfort foods into a steaming vat of cheese / chocolate? You can’t really go wrong with a fondue night. Fondue is a sexy way to share a meal together. It’s all about tasting and experimenting. It’s an activity in itself.

Build a snowfort. Then cuddle and drink hot chocolate inside after. How rewarding. If there’s not enough snow, make a good old fashioned snowman and get creative and give him a ton of personality. Snow is a fun / versatile / accessible medium for play.

Head to the beach and have a picnic. In the winter, the beach is a totally different experience. First of all, there’s no one else there. Bring a blanket and picnic on the snow covered sand and enjoy the silence.

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