Tricks for Keeping Legs Smooth

Nothing is worse than catching a nasty case of the goosebumps right after you’ve shaved your legs. First you get chilly, then those pesky little leg hairs begin to sprout up, ruining any chance at keeping those legs smooth. Some ladies are luckier than others, they have naturally-fine leg hairs, it’s blonde so it can’t be seen up close, or it just grows slowly. But many women aren’t blessed with these advantages. Their leg hair grows and it grows fast. One goosebump and their knees are sharper than the razors that shaved them in the first place. Luckily, however, there are some simple tricks that can be used to help keep legs smooth for as long as possible, or at least until your next shower. Follow these simple steps for naturally smooth legs year-round.

1) Exfoliate
That’s right, scrubbing all that extra dead skin off can help you get a closer shave. Of course you can purchase many expensive or brand name lotions and scrubs. A rough loofah will also do the trick. But the easiest (and cheapest) route is to mix in some sugar with your lotion. Squirt however much lotion you will use into a bowl, and mix in about half as much sugar, then stir. The ratio isn’t necessarily important, just so there is enough sugar to help rid you of dead skin. Then use lotion as normal. (Sugar will brush off once lotion has absorbed.) Try this trick directly after shaving for the best results.

2) Soak
While shaving in the shower is a time saver, and often a necessity, a closer shave can actually be achieve when soaking in the tub. Draw a warm bath (use bubbles if you prefer), and allow some relaxing time. Hair is at its tallest after 10-15 minutes of soaking time. Shaving in the tub will also allow you to see any missed spots or double over any areas with tricky and directionally-confused hairs.

3) Replace your razor
The average disposable razor is only meant to last a total of three uses. Yep, three. While its blades may still seem quite sharp, after three uses its aloe strips are dried up, and the blades are on a fast-paced track to causing razor burn. A final shave-count may be different for everyone due to hair thickness or usage, but find what works for you, and dispose of that razor before it causes pain or prickly legs. Expensive razors may last longer, but the same principle applies: the blades become dull and can’t due their duties. Replacing razors or blades will ensure smoother legs for longer.

So the next time your legs are in need of a shave, remember these simple tips and prolong the effects of a fresh shave.

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