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Everyone has heard about the benefits of drinking teas or juices. Vitamin-enriched, and full of antioxidants, these beverages offer a lot in the way of nutrition that other drinks can’t. For example, it’s no secret that drinking soda is not good on the body.  It’s packed with sugars, syrups, and, in the United States, the sugar isn’t even real.  (A fact that is not only unhealthy, but affects the taste.)  However, for years teas and juices have been getting good publicity, offering up promises that other beverages can’t compete with.  But why is this the case? What is so special about them?

Let’s start with tea:
For anyone who has done their research, they’ll know that teas simply have more to offer.  It hydrates the body, and provides many natural health benefits, such as antioxidants (these are especially prevalent in green teas).  Tea is a naturally healthy drink.  However, with any healthy substance, it can be altered to where it is no longer so good for the human body.  If you’re drinking a bottle of packaged tea, mixed with flavors and sweeteners, chances are it’s not nearly as healthy as the tea to begin with.  The additives often balance out many benefits that a healthy beverage has to offer.  A person is much better off brewing up their own tea to drink.  And, if you must add flavors or sugars, at least you’ll know what type of substances you’re ingesting.

Another added benefit of tea can be discovered by the onset of a sore throat.  The common cold and other flu-like symptoms can be soothed by a nice hot cup of tea.  Of course, the heat is what helps take care of many of the symptoms, but the nutritious benefits found in tea also help speed up the healing process.

Next, let’s discuss juices:
Juices, that is natural juices, are one of the healthiest drinks that can be consumed.  It is liquid fruit, after all.  Fruits contain natural vitamins and minerals that are important for every day life.  The problem with juices, however, is that the older they are, the more of their nutrients they lose.  Best case scenario?  Juicing your own fruits in the kitchen and drinking it straight out of the machine.  But, drinking bottled juiced still contains nutrients, just not as many as if you’d juiced it yourself.  

Also, steer clear of artificial juices.  Be sure to check labels for 100% juice (good) and “Made from fruit concentrate” (bad).  Checking the labels before you drink will ensure you know if what you’re getting is actually juice, or an imposter that only tastes like you’re getting important vitamins.

Bottom line, juices and teas provide a healthy source of liquid for your daily diet. Just remember to check the labels to take full advantage of their benefits.

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