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10 Easter Nail Art Ideas

Our favourite Easter manicures

Easter is only a few days away!

We know this because we’ve been drowning in chocolates at the office (not that I am complaining).

It is time, once again, to do our famous holiday nail art round-up (check out our fave Halloween and St. Patrick’s Day nail art). We searched Pinterest and found some lovely ideas. So, instead of decorating eggs, have some fun painting your nails this weekend! 


Here are 10 Easter nail art looks we love:

1. Decorated Tips

2. Pastel Polka Dots

3. White Bunny Nail Art

4. Blue & Gold Sparkle Ombre

5. Pink, White & Gold


6. Sparkly Pastels

7. Yellow Chicks

8. Easter Fun

9. Two-Toned French

10. Bunnies and Dots


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