5 Times You Shouldn’t Text Back Right Away

Texting etiquette is a fickle beast. How there can possibly be such a huge difference between lol and LOL! seems entirely baffling – and yet, THERE IS. Each pithy text, with it's own punctuation marks, typo, capital / lackthereof, abbreviation or text-slang-term seems to speak its own volumes. Sometimes though, the message that comes through clearest is how fast you get a response. Desperation, apathy, anxiety are inscribed in those minutes that pass between texts – whether we like it or not. Here are 5 times you should hold the phone a while before you send a response.
When you’re pissed
Receiving an infuriating text message is best combatted with a period of silence. Resist the urge to send off a super quick and angry message with a bunch of exclamation points and typos – it won't make the point you want. Take the time to plan it out … and consider if texting is the best way to say what you want to say at all. 
When you’re bored
There's obviously a time and place for bored texting – but save it for your pals, not the person you’re into. At the end of the day, time is still going to pass the same during a boring shift whether you get a text / a bunch of texts from the object of your affection or not. If you're trying to remain all elusive and stuff, save those bored, entertain-me! texts for your homies. 
When you send a text you didn’t mean to send, and want to rectify the situation
Don’t try to fix the mistake of accidentally sending too many texts by sending more texts. Period. It’s sort of like fighting fire with fire. Just step away from your phone and rest assured that sending a bunch of texts accidentally won’t make you look like an idiot. Sending a bunch of texts accidentally and then sending a bunch of apologetic texts afterwards may be.  
When you get a one-word response, or an emoticon
What are you going to say to that, really? Don't justify it with a response when you can make a louder statement of not responding at all. How about THAT? 
The double text
As in: did you get my email? How about my last text? Hello? This could get tedious for everyone involved. Notice: your frustration likely grows with each text sent. Leave it alone. Move on to something else until you hear back from the person and spare yourself the urgent frenzy. 

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