4 Ways to Soothe Chapped Lips

Winter is coming, and you know what that means. Chapped Lips. That’s right, get ready for sore, dry, flaky lips. Chapped lips may seem as inevitable as waiting two hours for a cab on New Years Eve, but there are a few things you can do to fight off this painful side effect of winter.

Drink Lots of Water

Everyone knows staying hydrated is important for your overall health. The general consensus is you should drink around 8 cups of water a day. You may notice that your skin gets dry in the winter, and your lips are no exception. If you are prone to chapped lips, try drinking more water, not only will you notice a different in your lips, but your skin, hair, and nails will improve as well.

Don’t Lick

I know it’s hard to resist, and it’s instinct to lick your lips to make them feel better, but it’s not worth it. Saliva evaporates quickly, and the momentary relief will only make your lips even more dehydrated then they were in the first place. Also, try not to bite your lips, or pick at dry skin, you’re only going to make it worse!

Apply Lip Balm

The best way to soothe already-chapped lips is to slather on a moisturizing lip balm. But don’t choose one that is wax-based because they offer less protection than petroleum-based versions. Also try to go with a fragrance-free brand, since fragrance can cause irritation, especially on already damaged lips. Burt’s Bees is a great organic brand, and they offer tinted options!


Just like other areas of your body, the skin on your lips can benefit from exfoliation once in awhile. There are a few easy, at-home ways to make your own exfoliator. Try rubbing either a mixture of sugar and olive oil, baking soda and water, or sugar and honey, on your lips in circular motions to get rid of any dry skin that has built up.



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