Twilight to Thank for This Year’s Top Baby Names

Twi-Hards rejoice… again! It seems that the Twilight saga has had more of an impact on society than we previously thought. According to a report by the Social Security Administration, Isabella is currently the top baby name for girls, and Jacob is the top baby name for boys. 

The name Cullen has also jumped 297 spots, making it the biggest increase of the year, while Edward also jumped up 11 spots. Well, I’d definitely say that team Jacob has won this battle.

As it turns out, last year’s top names were Miley and Jonas, thanks to our favorite tween Disney stars. I find it a bit bizarre that pop culture has such a heavy influence on the names of our children. I’d have to say that Isabella and Jacob are much better names than Miley and Jonas though; sorry Disney!

It is also a bit frightening that so many Twi-hards are having babies, considering that the books and movies are targeted towards teens. Does anyone else find this disturbing? Or maybe, just maybe, I’m not the only adult who has a secret crush on Taylor Lautner and hopes to someday fall in love and marry and Vampire.

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