Leonardo DiCaprio and Blake Lively Call It Quits

For those of you who joined me in raising a quizzical eyebrow at the odd couple that was Leonardo DiCaprio and Blake Lively, lower it: the relationship’s off.

After five months gallavanting and escaping paparazzi around the globe, reps for both stars confirm the two have parted ways, but added quickly that they “remain frends” – which, of course, means that they’ll probably never talk again. (If we want to read into it.)

However, Us Weekly reports that the end may come as a relative shock for DiCaprio-Lively aficianados since sources close to the couple once claimed that they’d “never seen him this way with a girl”, and at one point in June, the artist-also-known-as-van-der-Woodsen “spent the whole time baking” when holed up in the actor’s home, which was surprising because “Leo’s never dated a girl who can cook. And he’s smitten!”

And who wouldn’t be? Not that we’re going to point fingers at a certain photos-on-telephone incident (never forget), but considering Leo had previously been with model Bar Refaeli and Blake had been with co-star Penn Badgley, both were certainly in relationships that probably brought something a little different to the table. (Read: a serious lack of Gossip Girl read-throughs.)

Either way, we’ll see who the other ends up with next. With a friend of Leo having previously stated “I bet they get engaged in six months”, it’s safe to assume their moves will be watched (and put on the internet for us all to observe).

Never let go.


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