Ashlee Simpson-Wentz Files for Divorce

The divorce of Ashlee Simpson-Wentz and Pete Wentz is just further proof that every relationship is different from the outside.

The rocker couple had been in the lovey-dovey spotlight lately, exchanging cutesy shoutouts via Twitter like Ashlee’s on January 19: @petewentz I already miss your handsome face!

But apparently the Wentzes have been growing apart from some time. No violins or elaborate finale, just an amicable split after almost three years of marriage.

It’s all about [their two-year-old son] Bronx for them. They’re fantastic parents “ Pete says she’s a great mom, and she says he’s a great father, said a source close to the couple, reported People. It’s about Bronx’s care and well-being and happiness for them.

Ashlee’s asked for joint custody of Bronx, but wants primary physical custody. Pete’s not ready to go down without a fight though. He’s reportedly seeking joint legal and physical custody of Bronx.

Ashlee also wants spousal and child support (which she’s bound to get, if she’s granted primary custody) from Pete, though they reportedly don’t have a prenup.

Although Ashlee cited irreconcilable differences as her grounds for divorce, TMZ reported friends of Ashlee’s blame Pete’s erratic behaviour for the split.

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