Givenchy’s Spring Campaign Star Is…

Alright, so let's just put this out there right now: Julia Roberts is the star of Givenchy's S/S 2015 campaign. ("GOD BLESS US EVERYONE." – Tiny Tim)

And I love this. This is great. This is different and exciting, and that's exactly what fashion is supposed to be. Fortunately, designer Riccardo Tisci is equally psyched, having enlisted artist Maria Abramovic and Isabelle Huppert for his campaigns before (so dude is no stranger to straying from the it-girl aeshetic), and Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott to shoot.

"I'm literally shocked, happy shocked," Tisci told "She's one of the few [stars] that you don't know much about. She doesn't do fashion shoots, she doesn't do covers, she doesn't do all of that. But still, she's one of the most well-known people in the world. Julia, you don't see her much, she doesn't do fashion campaigns, she has this big contract for many years which we all know with Lancome. When I asked, I was very surprised she said yes."

The message is described as "pure," and "very black and white." Tisci explained that he was seeking out somebody who's both feminine and masculine, which sums up Roberts almost perfectly. She connotes confidence, which is another thing the designer was big on — especially since the actress goes makeup-free.

"She has the most beautiful smile in the world and I love it, but it's Julia's sensibility that interests me,"  he continued. "For me, the Julia in these pictures is the real one you see every day. They're really honest portraits of her."

As for what Roberts thinks?

"My sister and I were actually just on the phone, and we were laughing so hard," she told People. "She goes, 'How are you suddenly going to turn into a supermodel? You're almost 50.' It's funny."

"It's impossible for me to be totally objective and now make four or seven jokes right now," she continued. "I wish I looked like that! If you could see me right now, you'd be laughing so hard. I love that they wanted it to be sort of cool, edgy, and boyish. I was happy to serve because it's nice to be different."


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