Finding Vintage Accessories This Spring

With the return of the 1970s, there has never been a better time to scour your local flea markets and thrift stores for one-of-a-kind accessories. To get a fresh, 1970s-inspired look this spring (that won’t make you look like a blast from the past!) here are a few accessories to keep any eye out for.

Silk Scarves

Silk scarves are the epitome of chic. Try tying one around your neck with a cute, off-centered knot or wear one on your head like Audrey Hepburn. Best of all, many thrift stores are overflowing with silk scarves of any colour, pattern, size and shape imaginable! (And they are often just a couple dollars!)

S - Annalynne McCord Scarf 300x400

Big, Round Sunglasses

Whether you take your inspiration from Jackie Onassis or Janis Joplin, big sunglasses are in this spring. Look for a pair that is big, brown and round. Vintage shades can be hard to come by but, if you find some, you’ll earn yourself serious bragging rights!

S - Olsen Twins Sunglasses 300x400

Wooden Jewelry

If you’re looking for wooden necklaces, bracelets, earrings or rings this spring, head to a thrift store. These places often have an abundance of wooden jewelry from the 1970’s era. Bonus points for authenticity! Wooden jewelry is often the perfect way to dress up a casual spring dress.

S - Heidi Klum Wood 300x400

Floppy Sun Hats

There is something about a floppy, wide brim sunhat that says, I’m just naturally fashionable. Perfect for a lazy day at the beach or a Hamptons-style soiree! Look for one of these at a cute consignment shop.

S - Vanessa Hudgens Hat 300x400

Skinny Belts

Women in the 1970s loved to draw attention to their waists “ whether curvy or straight “ with skinny belts. They look especially great with wide-legged jeans! Skinny belts are a dime a dozen (literally!) at second-hand shops so don’t bother buying one brand new. Just make sure the leather isn’t too worn or decayed.

S - Taylor Swift Belt 300x400

Stacked Bangles

Chunky bangles of all kinds are in this spring “ the more eclectic and piled-on the better! And, at a store like Value Village, you’re sure to find more bangles than you can fit up both your arms. (Plus, at just a couple dollars, you can afford to go a little crazy!)

S - Drew Barrymore Bangle 300x400

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