Jessica Simpson is ‘Disappointed’ in John Mayer

John Mayer caused quite the stir a few weeks ago after a very revealing Playboy interview where he talked openly about his relationship with Jessica Simpson and said she was “crazy” in bed. Jessica finally had her chance to say her piece on Oprah and admitted that she was “disappointed in him” and that she couldn’t even read the entire article. Simpson revealed that Mayer did try to reach out to her after the Playboy incident, but she refused to accept his apology. “It’s really discouraging because that’s not the John I knew… I hope he gets his life together,” Simpson told Oprah. “He did apologize. I don’t accept it.” She continued telling Oprah that part of her life is over and she was just going to get past it and not be resentful. This is quite the lover’s quarrel we have going on here. If you ask me, these two are not quite over each other yet. Could Simpson be Mayer’s next Jennifer Aniston? There was one good thing that came of John Mayer’s Playboy interview that even Jessica Simpson can’t deny; she got tons of free publicity which came at just the right time since her new reality show, The Price of Beauty, premieres on VH1 on March 15th. 

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