Sex and the City (And a book, 2)

Just when you thought the release of Sex and the City 2 couldn’t get any better, the masterminds behind the franchise have just announced that come May 18, a 500-page fashion-heavy book will be released that documents each and every look featured in the future box office breaker.  (Kind of like a pamphlet but far more intense.)

And while a lovely coffee table book would likely be enough for most aficionados (I mean, 500 pages “ that’s no light read), the book will be offering complete breakdowns of each outfit worn by the fabulous SJP (which may or may not allow women of all ages to live vicariously through the fictitious yet fantastically-dressed Carrie Bradshaw) “ with each item of clothing labelled with its brand.  (Heck yes.)

But wait “ there’s more.  In addition to the copious amounts of photos and outfit building blocks, the book will feature commentary by Sarah Jessica Parker, director Michael Patrick King, Kim Cattrall, Cynthia Nixon and Kristin Davis, as well as a 2D behind the scenes documentation of the entire movie-making process.  (Kind of like the 1998 Titanic book, but more outfit-oriented.)

So whether hardcover or paperback, you can probably bet that this book will be seen in the bags of countless women across cities and beaches as they try to channel their inner SJP.  Because after all, isn’t everyone longing to get carried away? 

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