The Top 5 Most Annoying Twitter Celebs

The beauty of twitter is it gives you a rare glimpse into the lives of celebs, and the chance to interact with them. Some celebrities are hilarious to follow “ among my faves are Stephen Fry (@StephenFry), Glee’s Cory Monteith (@frankenteen) and The Edge’s Fearless Fred (@Fearless_Fred).

But there are some seriously nauseating, narcissistic celebs out there who have made me swiftly click on the Unfollow button. Steer clear of these kooky, crazy and downright irritating twitter profiles:

Trista Sutter @tristasutter

Annoying Twitter Celebs Trista Sutter

Not only does former The Bachelor star Trista update 20 times a day, every tweet is about being a mother, her kids, being a mother to her kids, etc. For example, her tweets on Mother’s Day read something like this: 2 all those tweep mommies who show me endless support, To all those celeb mamas out there who inspire me to be the best I can be, To all my girls out there who love being a mom as much as I do, Happy Mother’s Day! Especially 2 all 3 of my mommies and Fave part of day=my happy baby boy (I know he’s almost 3, but he’ll always be my baby) waiting 4 me @ the top of the stairs when I got home. Barf.


Tila Tequila @TilaOMG

Annoying Twitter Celebs Tila

For a girl who’s famous for doing nothing, Tila already gets way too much press. So of course her twitter is aflutter with shameless self-promotion, all of which is misspelled and features at least one OMG! per post. So far on twitter she’s confessed to being pregnant, suffering a miscarriage, then attacking all the haters who didn’t believe she was pregnant in the first place. Skip following this profile, and you’ll be missing absolutely nothing.


Jim Carrey @JimCarrey

Annoying Twitter Celebs Jim Carrey

Carrey’s started a recent trending topic, #boing, with little explanation to what it actually means. Given that he’s recently split from long-time love Jenny McCarthy, critics have been wondering if this latest outburst is a sign of depression, or even if the comedian has lost his mind. Carrey answered his critics with this insightful tweet: #BOING Mother F%*kers #BOING Mother F%*kers #BOING!!!#BOING #BOING#BOING#BOING#BOING#BOING#BOING#BOING#BOING!!!


Apolo Anton Ohno @ ApoloOhno

Annoying Twitter Celebs Apolo

We get it Apolo, you’ve won 8 Olympic gold medals. But just in case we forget, every tweet is an inspirational message from the champ himself, who never seems to have a bad day. Among them: If you hold back now, you’ll always wonder “what if I just DID it?” Strong mind = Solid Choices. Be clear and focused in your pursuit!, What is within your control- these are aspects that u can put forth your best. If we cannot win -let us be brave in the attempt. Live it and Be passionate. Love and live. Simple as that :-).


Paris Hilton @ParisHilton

Annoying Twitter Celebs Paris Hilton

The hard-partying heiress lives up to her reputation of shopping, clubbing and well, not much else. Her tweets are enough to make anyone green with envy – they include of updates about all her hard work. A week in the life of Paris’ tweets? :Best Night Club Ever!, Just finished an amazing and much needed 2 hour massage, Just had a fabulous dinner at Lavo, Last night was so much fun at Tao and of course, That’s Hot!.


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