Merry Christmas! Tina Fey and Amy Poehler Came Back to SNL!

Everybody, rejoice! The best female comedy duo of ALL TIME came back to Saturday Night Live and it was a magical Christmas-filled episode that served as the best present you’re going to get this year.

First of all, it was a small miracle that I was even able to stay awake because I’m 84 and fall asleep at an unreasonably early hour for someone my age, but the stars were aligned when I got home from a friend’s place last night and the episode was just starting and man, what a night to be alive!

As predicted, there was no shortage of laugh out loud moments and really the whole show just made us want to go out and see Sisters immediately and rewatch Baby Mama for the hundredth time because these two can do no wrong”especially together.

The night kicked off with Tina and Amy doing their opening monologue, followed by performing a mashup of an original Christmas song which may just be your new favourite carol that you’ll listen to for years to come.

Both leading ladies reprised their roles as Sarah Palin and Hillary Clinton alongside the show’s new Hillary, played by Kate McKinnon”the 2015 Hillary”and it was truly amazing.

The team also reprised their roles on the Weekend Update with current segment hosts Colin Jost and Michael Che to provide the last two jokes of the season, but aside from that, one of the biggest highlights of the episode was the hilarious “Meet Your Second Wife” segment.

The true highlight of the night was when Maya Rudolph came back (for the second time of the night–though the first time I wasn’t sure if it was a figment of my imagination) for the Bronx Beat (watch. now.). Basically, it’s magic when Tina and Amy to get together so when Maya comes into the picture, we just. can’t. deal. Admittedly, most of the SNL cast was overshadowed by the show’s alums but the energy that Tina and Amy bring is just unreal. (Sorry, guys, we’ll pay attention to you again in January.)

If you’re still stumped on what to get people for Christmas, send them links to the sketches or just take them to see Sisters. DONE.

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