Taylor Swift’s Record-Breaking Album

We all knew she had star power, but when it comes to mainstream female artists, Taylor Swift has just put everyone to shame: her new album, Speak Now will debut at No. 1 on this week’s Billboard 200 after selling over a million copies since its release on Monday. (Looks like Kanye West finally let her finish. …No? Too late? Overdone? Let’s move on.)

This news is especially impressive since: 1) the 20-year-old has sold more records in a single week than anyone has in five years 2) is one of only four female artists to break the “million-in-a-week” mark and 3) is one of only 16 people to do it – ever. (Hear that, teen singers of the world? Your expectations are set now freakishly high.)

Famous for her fan interaction and warm internet presence, Ms. Swift took to her Twitter yesterday morning to acknowledge the masses with a heartfelt message: “I . . . Can’t . . . Believe . . . This . . . You guys have absolutely lit up my world. Thank you.”

With songs spanning the likes of exes and bitter journalists (there’s a lesson to all of us), Speak Now seems to be yet another example of the country songstress’ personable nature and endearing qualities, and with marketing tactics having helped cement Swift’s presence in the world of pop and country music, it’s safe to say we’ll be seeing much more of her as the months go on.

Now let’s face it: in no other industry would Lady Gaga and Taylor Swift exist in the same sphere.


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