Stop the Presses: Jennifer Lawrence Has Cut Her Hair

Alright, everyone, I need you to take a deep breath and sit down for a minute. Are you doing that? Are you sitting down? Are you breathing? Are you doing both activities at the same time? That's fantasic — it means you're ready. Ready to hear that Jennifer Lawrence has cut her hair.

Yes, friends, like any other adult human woman, Jennifer Lawrence has opted to cut off her hair. Her hair! Her! Hair! Her long, flowing, Katniss Everdeen 'do has been traded in for a pixie cut, and the results are… well, awesome. Of course they're awesome! Jennifer Lawrence could cut off her ears and she'd somehow still look fantastic.

But, of course, the feedback has been mixed. Some people (read: members of the Internet) are downright shocked a 20-something-year-old woman would treat herself to a pixie. Especially with the news that Jennifer Aniston has also cut her hair

And, I mean, we all know what happened here. Jennifer and Jennifer called each other up and said simply, "It is time." They got in their separate cars, drove to separate salons, and said, "Cut it off, Hairdresser Name." And then, as if part of a coup, they shocked the world.

Which is fine. I cut my hair over the bathroom sink with kitchen scissors and have for the last four years, so I'm the last person to judge someone's choice to take a bunch of inches off. In fact, I say go for it. It's only hair! Are you mad about their haircuts, Internet haters (not the people reading this, though, who are lovely)? That's a little weird, because we don't know them. We have no say in anything they do. So maybe instead, go in the Jennifer name and do something drastic. Then, mail them a photo of your new haircut and give them infinite space to weigh in on it.

After all, haircuts, you guys. They are SHOCKING.

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