Motel Rocks’ Vintage Line

Not to make this about me, but you guys, I told you so. (Sort of. Well, not really.) Vintage clothing is no rarity, but now designers are actually capitalizing on the lifestyle (because it's not a trend, IT IS NOT A TREND), and releasing vintage lines. Case in point: Motel Rocks, which will be launching Motel Vintage online next week.

While American Apparel has offered vintage clothes in the past, this is a pretty unique endeavour for Motel Rocks, since it's re-appropriating pre-worn pieces into their existing collection. Pieces will include everything from acid wash to crop tops to denim to chiffon pieces, and they hail from London, L.A., and a slew of other cities. However, the brand isn't just selling as-is items.

"Rescued from the clothing afterlife these reinvented garments mirror our main collections, but with an authentic retro aesthetic," the brand explains. "Pre-loved leather jackets that have a history of their own are broken down and reworked into leather mini skirts, ready to rock at an underground gig, whilst vintage cartoon tees are given a modern makeover with slashed sleeves and embellished detailing, injecting a fresh new vibe into a classic staple."

So unique, stylish (obviously), and environmentally conscious! Here's to the new line, and the reigning presence of vintage clothes. How long before everyone else clues in?

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